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•  Make sure your entry documents are completed and ready before you get to the airport.

•  Make a copy of your passport in case the original gets lost. Up until arrival at the first hotel in the land, you should keep your passport on you at all times. However, from the second day and onward, my suggestion to you is to keep the copy on you and put the original in the hotel safe or safety deposit box. NEVER PACK YOUR PASSPORT IN YOUR CHECKED-IN LUGGAGE.

•  Keep all of your travel documents organized and readily accessible (boarding pass, ID, passport, driver's license). You will often need to display these documents more than once.

•  A lanyard type holder is very convenient and will expedite you through airport security lines hands-free.

•  Avoid wearing clothing or jewelry that contains metal.

•  Avoid wearing shoes that contain metal, have thick soles, or high heels.

•  It is wise to leave your valuables at home. Never travel with any item that is irreplaceable. Travel with minimal jewelry.

•  Use colorful luggage tags to easily identify your luggage. Tie a unique bandana or ribbon onto your luggage!

•  Do NOT use luggage locks unless you have TSA (or equivalent) recognized locks.

•  Do not pack or bring prohibited items to the airport. Check online for these items.

•  Keep all cameras and undeveloped film in your carry-on. Undeveloped film will be damaged by screening equipment used for checked baggage.



•  Snacks, water, and breath mints

•  Small, inflatable travel neck pillow and eye shades

•  Earplugs to help painful ear popping on takeoffs and landings

•  An extra pair of extra warm socks so you can kick your shoes off

•  Sleep aids and/or ibuprofen to help with sleep

•  Stomach medication for sensitive stomachs

•  Motion sickness meds for weak stomachs

•  Toothbrush and toothpaste to freshen up prior to landing in Tel-Aviv…